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Echeverría Izquierdo was founded in October 1978. Fernando Echeverría Vial, Álvaro Izquierdo Wachholtz and Francisco Silva Johnson created a construction company for small remodeling works, home repairs, construction of swimming pools, tennis courts and other minor constructions.

In the early ’80s, after the severe crisis that hit the country, the company began to carry out the construction of high rise projects, achieving expertise in the art of reinforced concrete. Echeverría Izquierdo achieved competitive differentiation establishing its own style. In 1987 Bernardo Echeverría Vial joined as a partner at Echeverría Izquierdo, following the departure of Francisco Silva.

In 1988 VSL Special Construction Systems was born, representative of the firm VSL International, a subsidiary of it since 1995. VSL achieved undisputed leadership in post-tensioned slabs, earth retaining walls and related engineering. Today it is present in Chile and Argentina.

In 1989 Echeverría Izquierdo entered into the special foundations market. Pilotes S.A. was created to successfully introduce new technologies to the market. Pilotes Terratest was born in 1998, as the union of Pilotes S.A and Terratest Special Techniques (Spain). Today it is a leader in geotechnics and foundations, with products such as post-tensioned anchors, micro piles, gravel columns, soil nailing, among others, an undisputed leader in Chile and Peru.

In the following years they built larger projects, emphasizing office, residential and commercial buildings and service centers in Santiago Downtown and El Golf districts.

In 1996 the construction company changed the name to Echeverría Izquierdo, Ingeníeria y Construcción (Engineering and Construction). That year Echeverría Izquierdo, Inmobiliaria e Inversiones (Real Estate and Investments) was created to manage building projects. In the following years, this division developed housing projects in the Metropolitan Region of Santiago, Concepción Downtown and some in Chile´s V Region.

In 1998 Echeverría Izquierdo, Montajes Industriales (Industrial Assemblies) was constituted, with the incorporation of Darío Barros Ramírez as a partner in this subsidiary . With significant presence in industrial assembly markets and infrastructure construction, Echeverría Izquierdo is a key player in the mining, energy, petrochemical and cellulose industries.

In 2007 Echeverría Izquierdo S.A. was created, becoming the head office of the holding.

In recent years it enters on concessions areas, especially developing underground parking projects.

In 2011 Echeverría Izquierdo S.A. purchase 100% of the shares of Echeverría Izquierdo Montajes Industriales, incorporating Darius R. Barros as a partner of the holding.

In 2011 Echeverría Izquierdo Peru was created, to manage the business of industrial assemblies, construction and real estate in the neighboring country.

In August 2012 the society’s initial public offer took place, raising $ 88 million from 25% of the company’s stocks.

The international expansion showed its results, because for the first time every division of Echeverría Izquierdo has presence in Peru.

Later on the acquisition of Pilotes Terratest Chile and Peru took place; this investment seeks to improve the engineering and construction’s division. At the same time Echeverría Izquierdo Montajes Industriales acquires the 51% of Nexxo’s stake, a company specialized on industrial maintenances and chemical cleanings, which extends the range of industrial services which Echeverría Izquierdo provides.

More than 35 years of recognized experience participating in the most important works of its sector in the country. Backed by a great team, a strong and sustainable growth and financial stability, Echeverría Izquierdo is recognized as a leader in the industry.